How to invest

Rural Funds Group (RFF) units are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

The following information is provided as a guide to investing in RFF. As with all investments, unitholders should seek personal advice from their professional advisers before investing.

You can buy or sell RFF units through a suitably licensed financial adviser, stockbroker or online broking facility. These transactions may incur a brokerage fee.

The ASX also provides a ‘Find a broker’ listing which may assist you. Rural Funds Management Limited does not trade units directly with unitholders.

You will find the latest unit price, trading volume, announcements and other information about RFF units (ASX: RFF) in the financial section of major newspapers or from the ASX website.

RFF pays distributions on a quarterly basis. Distribution announcements can be found on the ASX. Indicative dates for distributions are also included in the Key Dates section of this website.

Research for RFF can be found in the analyst coverage section of this website, or by contacting your stockbroker or financial adviser. Please note that the information and estimates contained in these reports are the views of those of organisations and not of Rural Funds Management Limited (RFM). RFM accepts no responsibility for the content or accuracy of these reports.