Distribution reinvestment plan

The Rural Funds Group (RFF) Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) provides investors a convenient and cost-effective way to increase their RFF holding by reinvesting all or part of their distributions in the form of additional units.

Participation in the DRP is optional. Investors electing to participate will automatically have their distribution applied to acquire additional units in accordance with the DRP rules, and without incurring brokerage or other transaction costs.

The number of units received is calculated based on a 1.5% discount to the weighted average market price of RFF units traded on the ASX during the 20 consecutive trading days before the Record Date.

A summary of the DRP can be accessed HERE. A full copy of the DRP is available HERE.

If you would like to register or change your participation nomination in the RFF DRP, please update your preference on theĀ Boardroom Investorserve website or complete the form HERE.