Macadamia assets

The orchards are located near Bundaberg in Queensland and include 273 hectares of macadamia trees.

Swan Ridge, Moore Park and Bonmac

Swan Ridge and Moore Park (234 ha) are leased to a managed investment scheme (MIS) known as the 2007 Macgrove Project. The Bonmac orchard (27 ha) is leased to RFM.


Cygnet was acquired in October 2019 and Swan Ridge South was acquired in March 2020. Both properties were previously used for growing sugar cane and are currently in the process of being converted to a planned 78 ha macadamia orchards.

Nursery Farm

The Nursery Farm is a 64 ha property which was acquired in May 2020. The property has an existing macadamia orchard of 12 ha and includes a tree nursery that will be used to supply planting material for macadamia orchard developments.

Property(s) Location Orchard planted
Lessee Water entitlements Year planted
Swan Ridge & Moore Park Bundaberg, Queensland 234 ha 2007 Macgrove Project 594 ML
medium security
Bonmac Bundaberg, Queensland 25 ha RFM 59 ML
medium security
Cygnet Bundaberg, Queensland 0 ha TBC 197 ML medium security TBC
Swan Ridge South Bundaberg, Queensland 0 ha TBC 319 ML medium security TBC
Nursery Farm Bundaberg, Queensland 12 ha TBC 166 ML medium security TBC

┬╣Lease expiries weighted by forecast FY21 rental income.