Cattle assets

Mutton Hole, Oakland Park & Rewan Station

The Natal acquisition builds on RFF’s Queensland cattle properties acquired in mid-2016.

Two of the properties, Mutton Hole and Oakland Park, are large-scale breeding properties situated southeast of Normanton on the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Queensland.

The third property, Rewan Station, is a high-quality backgrounding and finishing property located 55 kilometres south of Rolleston in central Queensland within commercial proximity of multiple market facilities including feedlots, abattoirs, saleyards and ports. Improved pasture on Rewan, including fodder crops, forage legumes and highly productive leucaena provides a quality feed base for fattening.

Combined, the three properties provide the lessee, Cattle JV Pty Ltd, an efficient and reliable supply of young cattle and a range of markets to sell.


In October 2017, RFF contracted to acquire three, contiguous cattle properties in northern Queensland. The properties, Natal Downs, Longton and Narellan, referred to as ‘Natal’, encompass an area of 390,600 hectares and are situated 115 radial kilometres south west of Charters Towers. The properties contain a mix of developed and undeveloped breeding land, as well as higher value finishing land.

The properties are leased to DA and JF Camm Pty Ltd with Natal operated as the central breeding location for the lessee’s integrated breeding, backgrounding and finishing operation.


In July 2018 RFF acquired Comanche, a 7,600 ha breeding and backgrounding cattle property located in central Queensland.

The property offers productivity development opportunities almost identical to those proven on other cattle properties owned by RFF. These include planting additional Leucaena, increasing cultivation area and developing additional water points.


In July 2018, RFF contracted to acquire all of JBS Australia Pty Ltd’s cattle feedlots. Located across Queensland and New South Wales, the five feedlots have a combined capacity of 150,000 Standard Cattle Units which represents approximately 15% of Australia’s lot fed cattle capability.

Two of the feedlots, Riverina Beef at Yanco in New South Wales, and Beef City at Toowoomba in Queensland, form part of Australia’s only two integrated feedlot and processing facilities. This reduces freight costs and market price risk, and can improve cattle weight gain performance.

The feedlots are leased back to JBS Australia Pty Ltd for a period of 10 years.


In September 2018, RFF acquired Cerberus, an 8,280 ha cattle breeding and backgrounding property located 140 km north west of Rockhampton in central Queensland. A development program, forecast to cost $2.5m, aims to increase carrying capacity by 28% and improve infrastructure.

The lessee of the property is Katena Pty Ltd, trading as Bryant Beef. The lease will run for 10 years and includes a rent review in year five. Note, this entity has no commercial or familial relationship with RFM Managing Director, David Bryant.


In October 2018, RFF acquired Dyamberin, a 1,728 ha cattle breeding and backgrounding property located in the north east NSW region of New England. A development program aims to increase carrying capacity through additional improved pasture area.

The property is leased to Stone Axe Pastoral Company, a Wagyu producer that operates three other properties in the New England region. The lease is for 10 years and includes a market rent review in year five.


Property Location Property type Size
Mutton Hole Carpentaria, QLD Breeding 140,300 ha
Oakland Park Croydon, QLD Breeding 85,500 ha
Rewan Station Rolleston, QLD Backgrounding and finishing 17,500 ha
Natal Charters Towers, QLD Breeding 390,600 ha
Comanche Rockhampton, QLD Breeding and backgrounding 7,600 ha
Beef City Toowoomba, QLD Feedlot 26,500 SCU with 760 ha of associated cropping land
Mungindi Mungindi, QLD Feedlot 12,000 SCU with 409 ha of associated cropping land
Caroona Quirindi, NSW Feedlot 23,500 SCU with 1,387 ha of associated cropping land
Prime City Griffith, NSW Feedlot 35,000 SCU with 4,021 ha of associated cropping land
Riverina Beef Yanco, NSW Feedlot 53,300 SCU with 1,830 ha of associated cropping land
Cerberus Rockhampton, QLD Breeding and backgrounding 8,280 ha
Dyamberin New England, NSW Breeding & backgrounding 1,728 ha


^Lease expiries weighted by forecast FY19 rental income