RFM Almond Fund

The RFM Almond Fund (RAF) operated a 592 ha
almond orchard, located on a property called Mooral, in Hillston, New South Wales.

The  orchard, and water entitlements, were leased from the Rural Funds Group (ASX: RFF), a trust managed by Rural Funds Management Limited (RFM).

The RFM Almond Fund was formed on 30 August 2019 following the merger of RFM Almond Fund 2006 ARSN 117 859 391 (AF06), RFM Almond Fund 2007 ARSN 124 998 527 (AF07) and RFM Almond Fund 2008  ARSN 127 947 960 (AF08) (collectively referred to as Schemes).

Information regarding the merger is contained in the Explanatory Memorandum dated 25 July 2019, which can be accessed under “Investor Information”. For historical information regarding the pre-merged Schemes please use the relevant links below.

RAF unit price and wind-up

RFM advised RAF unitholders in the half-year investor update dated 20 April 2020 of the possibility of an early liquidity event through the potential sale of the Mooral orchard. On 24 August 2020, RFM as responsible entity of Rural Funds Group (RFF), the owner of the orchard, announced that conditional contracts have been exchanged for the sale of Mooral. The monthly unit price was suspended 30 June 2020 pending the outcome of the sale. Historical unit price information can be accessed below.

On 2 December 2020, the sale of Mooral was completed and the wind-up of RAF commenced. Final distributions have been paid and are detailed in the table below.

No action is required by Unitholders, but should you have any questions, please contact Investor Services on 1800 026 665.

To view historical unit price information, please click  here.


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