2015 Harvest Update – RFM Almond Funds

The annual harvest of almondlots licensed to Growers in AF06, AF07 and AF08 commenced earlier than usual in 2015, with around 35 per cent of the crop already harvested.

Weather conditions have been mostly fine and conducive to harvesting, apart from some recent storms. Approximately 800 tonnes, or 12 per cent of the expected crop, have been delivered to the huller and sheller for the first stage of processing.

While harvesting usually continues well into the autumn months, the early start was made possible through a new system of drying almonds on the orchard headlands rather than waiting for nuts to dry on trees.

According to Daryl Winter, RFM’s National Almond Manager, the early harvest will also help avoid insect damage experienced in previous seasons.

The 2015 harvest is expected to deliver a yield greater than 3.5 tonnes per hectare, although this forecast is subject to weather and insect conditions remaining favourable for the remainder of the harvest period.Coupled with recent research highlighting the consumer health benefits of eating nuts, humble almonds are proving to be a very sound investment for Growers.

An international symposium held in the USA in November 2014 heard of the benefits of almonds for improved cardiovascular health and reducing the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Read more HERE.

RFM is confident that the strong demand for almonds and increasing prices will provide a positive return for Growers in AF06, AF07 and AF08 from the 2015 harvest. In line with last year, we expect to distribute returns to Growers in October.

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