Management Profile

Executive Management

David Bryant

Managing Director

David Bryant established RFM in February 1997 and since that time has led the team that is responsible for the acquisition of large-scale agricultural property assets and associated water entitlements.  As of 30 June 2018, RFM manages over $840 million of agricultural assets.

On a day-to-day level, David is responsible for leading the RFM Executive, maintaining key commercial relationships and sourcing new business opportunities.

David holds a Diploma of Financial Planning from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University and a Master of Agribusiness from The University of Melbourne.

Stuart Waight


Stuart Waight joined RFM in 2003 bringing extensive financial management experience in the accounting profession and in the commercial sector, including his role as a Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of a publicly listed company.

Stuart has a broad commercial and operational role within RFM providing a link between farm management activities, the Operations team, and the Corporate and Finance sections of RFM. As part of this role, he oversees RFM’s asset management activities including the direction of the National Managers of Poultry, Almonds, Cropping & Livestock and Cattle.  Stuart is also responsible for RFM’s borrowing activities, including the relationship with financiers.

Stuart is RFM’s joint company secretary.

Stuart holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting major) from The University of Newcastle and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Daniel Yap

Financial Controller

Daniel joined RFM in 2012 and has worked in the financial services industry for over twelve years, including six years with Ernst and Young where he worked with a range of clients including real estate investment trusts, not for profit entities, construction and infrastructure services clients, property development and hospitality clients.

Reporting directly to RFM’s Managing Director, Daniel manages the Finance and Accounting team which oversees and reports on the financial performance of both the RFM business and the funds that RFM manages. Daniel also manages the taxation aspects of each of the funds managed by RFM.

Daniel is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) from the University of Sydney.

Tim Sheridan

Executive - Acquisitions and Cattle

Tim Sheridan joined RFM in January 2008 as a Graduate Analyst, and in 2014, was promoted to the role of Business Manager where he was responsible for the analysis of both new and existing projects, utilising his practical knowledge of the industry and family livestock background.  Tim’s role as Business Manager included overseeing RFM Farming’s livestock operations, budget management and reporting, along with development of annual budgets and management of forecasts.

In March 2016, Tim was appointed to the role of National Manager – Cattle, overseeing Cattle JV Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of RFM, which operates large scale cattle breeding, backgrounding and finishing properties in Queensland. Tim is responsible for the financial and operational management of this entity.

In April 2018, Tim was promoted to RFM’s Executive team where he overseas Cattle JV operations.

Tim continues to provide advice and support in respect of the financial and agricultural due diligence associated with new ventures, reporting directly to the Managing Director, David Bryant. Tim has worked on several projects including large acquisitions and corporate restructures. In his role, Tim is required to liaise with both operations staff and corporate advisers.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Finance) from the University of Canberra.

Business Management

James Powell

General Manager - Investor Relations and Marketing

James has worked in the financial services sector for 18 years, having spent seven years in the financial planning industry, including as a Financial Adviser in both national and boutique dealer groups. James first joined RFM as a Business Development Manager from 2006 to 2008, and returned in 2010 to take up the role of Investor Relations and Distribution Manager.

James is responsible for investor relations, marketing and distribution activities for both listed and unlisted investments.  James’s role focuses on the maintenance and development of key relationships to increase awareness of RFM’s investment products and opportunities.  He is also part of the product development team responsible for the design and development of new products.

James holds a Master of Business Administration (Executive) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, a Master of Personal Financial Planning from the University of Southern Queensland and a Diploma of Financial Planning from Deakin University.

Daniel Edwards

Business Manager - Rural Funds Group, RFM Almond Projects & 2007 Macgrove Project

Daniel Edwards joined RFM in January 2005 and has over 16 years of experience in the financial planning and funds management industry, including four years as a Financial Planner.

Daniel has been closely involved in fund and asset development projects, including the development of almond orchards and chicken infrastructure projects.  He manages leases with the major counterparts, RFM’s water resources and the development of new assets.  Daniel is a member of the RFM Unit Pricing Committee and various RFM Due Diligence Committees for the development of new projects and offer documents.

Daniel is the Business Manager of the Rural Funds Group, the RFM Almond Funds 2006, 2007 and 2008, as well as the 2007 Macgrove Project. In this role, Daniel is responsible for the financial analysis, operational support, and day-to-day funds management of these entities.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Business (Agricultural Commerce) from The University of Sydney and a Diploma of Financial Planning from Deakin University, and a Certificate IV in Project Management.

David Thomson

Business Manager - RFM Poultry, Cattle JV & Cotton JV

David joined RFM in 2007, and has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry including 10 years as a Business Banking Manager with a major Australian bank.

Since joining RFM, David has been involved a wide range of areas including financial analysis of new acquisitions and existing assets, project and asset management support to National Managers, and managing the banking and insurance requirements of RFM.

David is the Business Manager RFM Poultry, Cattle JV Pty Ltd and Cotton JV Pty Ltd.  David is responsible for the financial analysis, operational support, and day-to-day funds management of these entities.

David holds a Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance) from Charles Sturt University.

Kristina Smith

National Manager - Human Resources

Kristina Smith joined RFM in March 2006, and is responsible for providing a range of services including strategic and operational human resources advice, the development of policy and procedures, health, safety and environment (HSE),  IT systems support and facilities management. Kristina regularly visits RFM’s regional locations, liaising with staff and management on human resources and HSE matters.

Kristina holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Southern Queensland, a Certificate IV in Project Management, a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, a Certificate in Governance & Risk Management and is compliant with RG146 – Managed Investments (General Advice). Kristina is also a Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (CAHRI) and the Governance Institute of Australia (GIA (Cert)).


Emma Spear

Company Secretary

Emma joined RFM in 2008 and is RFM’s Company Secretary, overseeing the team responsible for the compliance, governance and risk functions for RFM and its Funds. Emma also manages RFM’s investor and adviser services team.

Prior to this role, Emma was a senior member of RFM’s Finance team, responsible for tax planning and advice and various tax submissions for both RFM and the Funds it manages.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the Australian National University. Emma is admitted as a Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of the ACT, and is a member of CPA Australia and the Governance Institute of Australia.

Asset Management

Daryl Winter

National Manager - Horticulture

Daryl Winter joined RFM in October 2005. Daryl’s role includes leadership and overall management of RFM’s horticultural activities. Daryl has played a key role in the development of the almond orchards owned by the Rural Funds Group, with a total area of approximately 4,900 ha (1,814 ha mature and 3,100 ha under development). Daryl also provides technical expertise and support to RFM’s macadamia growing activities.

From the success of his family business, Winter Orchards Pty Ltd, Daryl brings to RFM a wealth of horticultural experience. Daryl’s knowledge encompasses cultivation processes, plant nutrition, micro-irrigation systems, soil maintenance, and pest and disease management.

Matthew Mitchell

National Manager - Cropping and Livestock

Matthew Mitchell joined RFM in August 2003 and is responsible for the leadership and day-to-day management of RFM’s cropping and livestock businesses and the management of Cotton JV Pty Ltd, a joint venture operation between RFM and Queensland Cotton Pty Ltd. Matthew’s role includes on-farm management, the provision of agronomic advice on the Riverina and Arcadia Valley cotton operations, grain growing, and water delivery infrastructure management.

Matthew is responsible for financial and budget management, maintenance of key relationships with customers and suppliers, property asset management, compliance control, and staff management across the cropping and livestock businesses. Matthew also provides operational and advisory expertise to Cattle JV Pty Ltd, a wholly owned RFM subsidiary.

Matthew entered the cropping industry in 1994 after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture) and commenced working with livestock in 2012.

Adriaan Shields

National Manager - Poultry

Adriaan joined RFM as National Manager Poultry in June 2004 and is responsible for the leadership and overall management of RFM’s poultry business. Adriaan’s role includes overseeing the day-to-day operation of thirteen farms in Griffith, New South Wales and four farms in Lethbridge, Victoria. A key aspect of Adriaan’s role is managing RFM’s relationships with chicken meat processors and contractors who assist growing the birds.

Prior to joining RFM, Adriaan was a Farm Manager with Bartter Enterprises for four years. Adriaan holds a Degree in Agriculture from the University of Orange Free State in South Africa and has extensive farm management experience in the dairy, cattle, sheep and cropping industries.

Scott Norval

National Manager - Macadamias

Scott joined RFM as National Manager of Macadamia operations in March 2016, concurrent with the Rural Funds Group acquisition of three macadamia orchards in Queensland. Scott is responsible for the leadership and overall management of RFM’s macadamia business including overseeing the day-to-day operation of the orchards located near Bundaberg, Queensland. Scott was responsible for the development of two of the orchards, and has overseen farming operations since their establishment in 2007.

Scott has extensive business and farm management experience in the macadamia industry and is a director of the two largest macadamia processing companies in Australia, Macadamia Processing Company and Pacific Gold Macadamias. Scott is also a director of Macadamia Marketing International, the world’s largest single supplier of macadamia kernel to the health food, snack, confectionary, ice cream, bakery and ingredient sectors.